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A baseball team is a great place for a kid to spend his time. And we understand it is a time commitment. Select baseball is a year-long commitment - from Fall Ball for most teams, off-season practices to the spring and early summer season.

That's why Galaxy believes it's important to build a family atmosphere where kids and their families want to be. Our teams work hard to build relationships and maintain year-over-year consistency.

We also know the pressure from some select teams to focus on only one sport, and we don't require that. We encourage players to continue in their other sports and activities in other seasons so they can be the best version of themselves.

For us baseball, is as much about what it can teach kids as it is about what they can learn about playing it from their coaches. There are few activities that can teach focus, hard work, overcoming adversity and teamwork as well as baseball can.

We invite you to learn more about our philosophy and take the next steps to join the Galaxy.

Families Enjoying Time Together

Lifelong Friendships











A Chance to Have Fun & Just Be a Kid

Rooting For Each Other

Player Development Focus

While some teams actively seek the oldest players possible for their age or employ a win at all costs mentality, our Galaxy coaches are dedicated to teaching and improving players' skills and helping them be the best ball players that they can be.

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Competing at Your Player's Level

We have Galaxy teams playing at a variety of competition levels, from SWOL American Bronze to HS Showcase/Tournament Only Teams.

Our team have color designations - Black, White, Gold and Silver. These designations don't necessarily correspond to a particular skill level. Talk to an individual coach or learn more about a team to understand its competition level.

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Galaxy Showcase

Check out our Twitter Feed to view Galaxy players in scouted events.

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